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Safety Reminders

A Safety Reminder to Our BIGGER Trailblazers. This is for those of you who bring their little guys and gals to school. Take a deep breath when you enter the parking lot and REMEMBER THESE SIMPLE RULES:

School Parking Lot is for staff only-if the green visitor spots are full, please park off campus.
  1. When walking to school, be sure to obey the Safety Patrol and cross carefully in the crosswalks.
  2. Drive slowly in parking lots and while around school obeying all traffic rules.  Please do not block our neighbor's driveways when parking on the street.  You may park at the Boys and Girls club next door. 
  3. The drop off zone is ONE WAY.  North drop off (circle) zone is a LEFT TURN only exit.  South drop off zone is a RIGHT TURN only exit.  Do not get out of your car if you are in the loading zones- Use the right lane only!  Trailblazers should exit their cars by the passenger door (next to the curb).  Shoes, jackets, and sunscreen should be on before you arrive at the parking lot.  Backpacks should be zipped up and accessible.
  4. PLEASE PULL ALL THE WAY FORWARD before dropping your student at the WHITE CURB.  Our staff will open car doors and help the littlest Trailblazers out safely – please treat them kindly.  Please stay focused- always drive slowly and carefully.
  5. Do NOT leave your car unattended in the loading zones. 
  6. Drop your student off in the drop off loops or walk them to the gate closest to the playground (by the Character Counts benches).  The earliest students should be at school is 7:20 am for breakfast only.  
  7. Gates to the playground will open at 7:25 am with staff supervision on the playground/lunch area. Students will be allowed on the play structures or to sit at the tables and benches; children will not be allowed to play soccer or kickball before the start of school.
  8. At 7:38 am the first bell will ring. *NEW CAMPUS SAFETY PROCEDURE* Beginning the second week of school, students in grades TK, K, and 1st will line up at their designated spot on the playground for teachers to pick them up and walk them to class at the 7:40 am bell.  Students in grades 2, 3, 4, and 5, may enter the gates for access to classrooms.  Parents, volunteers, and visitors wishing to enter campus during the school day MUST enter through the school office to sign in and wear an identification badge or sticker at all times while on campus.   
  9. Students are expected to be at their line up spot (grades TK, K, and 1st) or their classroom (grades 2, 3, 4, and 5) by the 7:40 am bell.  Any students arriving after 7:45 am must be signed in to the office before proceeding to class.
  10. Now you can smile and have a great day. 

District School Safety Information

Thanks for your cooperation! Remember -- Courtesy is Contagious!